Best Mid Century Modern Furniture For 2022

It can be challenging to find perfect pieces of furniture that will stand the test of time, all while being from a reputable brand. The mid century modern design has been well and truly on the rise because of its elegance and practicality.

Therefore, we’ve created a full breakdown of the 35 best pieces of furniture to fit the mid century modern style.

What is Mid Century Modern Style Furniture?

The whole idea surrounding these furnishings is that they are timeless, simple, and can be easily merged with other design styles.

This is achieved through clean lines, curves, geometric shapes, and the use of tapered legs in furniture such as tables. You can spot a mid century modern piece through the use of wood and metal, as well as the occasional splash of color.

35 Of The Best Mid Century Modern Furniture Pieces For 2022

So, without further ado, here are 35 must-have mid century pieces to complete your modern home decor.

1. Mid Century Leather Show Wood Chair

For premium quality and an on-trend design, the Mid Century Leather Show Wood Chair features distinctive solid wood tapered legs.

The neutral tones of the chair mean that it can fit into any room and enhance the mid century modern look. Plus, it works at creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

2. Hamilton Leather Sofa

Inspired by the 1950s style, the Hamilton Leather Sofa from West Elm can act as the focal point for any room. The slim legs and strong frame combined with the leather seating create a sofa of luxury.

In addition, the high-quality construction makes for exceptional comfort, with the neutral tones being able to fit comfortably in any room.

3. Eddy Reversible Sectional

If you’re after cooler neutrals, the Eddy Reversible Sectional is a fantastic option for aesthetics and comfort. If you are concerned about fitting it, the chaise can be fixed to the left or right, so you can work around your living space.

The sophisticated design makes it the centerpiece for any living room.

4. Mid Century Bookshelf w/ Drawer (38″)

For optimal storage without looking bulky, the Mid Century Bookshelf’s slim legs and 50’s silhouette allows it to blend in with your mid century style furniture with ease.

There are four spacious fixed shelves and a good-sized drawer for storing books, files, and ornaments and it has a smooth and classic exterior.

5. Carlo Mid Century Chair – Metal Legs

If you’re looking for a comfy armchair to complete the look, the Carlo Mid Century Chair with metal legs is a great option. The sturdy construction and the angular appearance create a classic look.

Even better, the chair is available in a range of colors whether you want it to be more neutral or bold to fit different styles of the mid-century era.

6. Mid Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table

The Mid Century Pop-Up Storage Coffee Table has a modern and sleek design with excellent functionality without using too much space, so it’s superb for smaller spaces.

The pop-up top reveals concealed storage space which is excellent for storing books, board games, and other items.

7. Mid Century Art Display Coffee Table

Sticking with coffee tables, the Mid Century Art Display Coffee Table from West Elm features a glass and wooden layer which is perfect for displaying statement pieces and other home decor items without taking up extra space.

The slim design is unobtrusive so it can comfortably be accommodated in a variety of living rooms.

8. Eddy Sofa

Much like the Eddy Reversible Sectional, the Eddy Sofa simplifies things down for a comfy and compact piece of furniture. The thin legs and neutral color tone make it suitable for smaller rooms and when accompanying a variety of color palettes.

It is complete with armrests and comfortable seat cushions for ultimate relaxation.

9. Mid Century Media Console (80″)

If you are after a media console that is retro and responsibly sourced, then this is the one for you. This Media Console is complete with three drawers and two sliding door cupboards which are ideal for packing away books, games, and other items.

10. Stowe Round Coffee Table

The Stowe Round Coffee Table is an aesthetic and durable table that is packed full of symmetry. It is also made from responsibly sourced mango wood for a smooth and elegant finish.

The simple design and reasonable size make it an ideal buy for almost any space.

11. Charley C-Side Table

If you are after a functional and compact accent table, then the Charley C-Side Table is one to take a look at. Featuring an innovative design, the table has a glossy walnut veneer and a smart metal base with an antique brass finish.

12. Mid Century Storage Bench – Acorn

This Storage Bench blends the appearance of mid century furniture with versatility and sustainability. The bench features a handy two-drawer compartment as well as a cushioned bench for easy storage or even seating.

The bench can be housed in all rooms including your bedroom, dining room, and hallway.

13. Mid Century 6-Drawer Dresser

The 6-Drawer Dresser features distinctively angled legs and a selection of two different-sized drawers to store all of your needs. It contains retro accents, a sturdy finish, and a simple design to suit most bedrooms.

The 6-Drawer dresser is durable as it is made from solid wood with a smooth acorn finish.

14. Mid Century Nightstand

The Nightstand has a crisp and simple design that is complete with the signature angular table legs. It is complete with two drawers for easy storage while taking up minimal space in your bedroom. The drawers are topped off with classy brass knobs.

15. Mid Century Convertible Crib

The mid century aesthetic doesn’t just have to apply to your dining room, home office, kitchen, or lounge. You can bring the style to your baby’s room.

The Convertible Crib is sturdy and complete with child-safe finishes and different platform height options so the crib can grow with your baby.

16. Modern Bed

The Modern Bed does exactly what it says on the tin. Much like other mid century furniture pieces, the Modern Bed features the era’s distinctive angular edges as well as narrow sturdy legs so you can store belongings underneath it.

The bed also comes in three sizes which are double, king, and super king so you can find the perfect size to fit into your bedroom.

17. Mid Century Chifforobe – Acorn

If you are looking for a compact but spacious storage unit, then the Chifforobe is an excellent choice for having different-sized drawers.

There are four small drawers, one large drawer, and a cupboard section. The interior shelving is also adjustable and you can remove the hanging rail for even more flexibility.

18. Mid Century Bench

For an elegant statement piece, the Bench may be one to consider. Complete with a comfy upholstered seat cushion, you could find a home for this bench at the foot of your bed or in your hallway.

19. Mid Century Daybed

The Daybed is a diverse piece of furniture that features a streamlined silhouette and mid century tropes.

For use as a guest bed or a seating area when packed with your favorite pillows, the Daybed is a flexible addition to any room.

20. Mid Century Platform Bed – Walnut

The Platform Bed features a streamlined design with a large angular headboard. There is plenty of room to fit your mattress and duvet on, with a little extra space at the side for a comfy night’s sleep.

21. Mid Century Expandable Dining Table

Why not bring this style into your dining room too? The Expandable Dining Table has a slim design with sturdy angled legs that are made from solid wood. The dining table also comes in three different sizes and can be expanded when you have guests.

22. Classic Café Dining Chair (Set of 2)

Complement your table with a pair of Classic Café Dining Chairs which are ergonomically designed with curves to make your seating more comfortable. The chair legs also come with plastic caps on the bottoms to keep your floor pristine and protected.

23. Framework Upholstered Dining Chair

If you’re after ultimate comfort when you’re sitting at your dining table, consider the Framework Upholstered Dining Chair for extra padding. The stripped-back frame makes the chair lightweight and versatile for usage even in your home office.

The chair comes in two different colors, Twill Dove and Twill Slate, allowing you to create your ideal color palette.

24. Tripod Dining Table – Walnut

If you are after a quaint table or your dining room only has a small space, then the Tripod Dining Table is a great option.

The table resembles a bistro table, so if you’re a coffee or breakfast lover this one is for you. Due to the size and contemporary style of the table, it can also make a fine addition to a kitchen or even a lounge.

25. Mid Century Leather Dining Chair

If you’re looking for a stylish chair for your dining space, consider this leather one. It has a wide seat and a sloped back which makes it equipped for optimal comfort as well as for an aesthetically pleasing design.

The metal legs also add a sense of glamor to the chair and it requires minimal assembly.

26. Mid Century Buffet

If you are looking for a durable storage solution, the Buffet Table may be a good option. Fit with three drawers and two cabinets, the table can store dinnerware, cutlery, and serving ware, as well as general household objects.

This versatile and solid unit is great for keeping anywhere in the house.

27. Mid Century Upholstered Swivel Counter Stool

The Upholstered Swivel Counter Stool is an excellent addition to any kitchen area for casual and interactive seating. The angled back combined with the upholstered finish provides a comfortable experience.

28. Mid Century Bar Cabinet – Small

If you’re looking to add some classy retro furniture to your home, consider the Bar Cabinet. It offers the perfect place to store your favorite drinks in a discrete location away from children.

Plus, there are two shelves inside each door with extra storage for wine glasses and bottles for a stylish look.

29. Jensen Dining Table

If you’re a fan of glass incorporated furniture, the Jensen Dining Table encompasses all things from the mid century style including angular edges, and a sturdy and simplistic frame design.

The neutrality of the table makes it a great option to pair with different types of decor and colors.

30. Mid Century Mini Secretary Desk (28″)

The Mini Secretary Desk has an appealing vintage look to it and is great for use in areas with minimal space such as small bedrooms.

The flip-down door is brilliant for storage and to use for your laptop or notebook.

31. Mid Century Art Display Mini Desk (36″)

Much like the Art Display Coffee Table, the Mini Desk provides a great place to prop up your ornaments and decor as well as to store your laptop between the two layers.

The desk has the signature clean lines of the mid century style with metal legs for a modern spin.

32. Mid Century Desk (52″)

This desk exemplifies the style brilliantly through its long narrow legs, crisp lines, and minimal space usage.

The desktop is spacious with plenty of space for decor and practical usage. It also has two smaller drawers and one larger one for the suitable storage of your office equipment.

33. Cooper Mid Century Leather Swivel Office Chair

The Cooper Leather Swivel Office Chair is a staple of the era with a retro and professional look. It has armrests and a slightly angled back for ultimate comfort. Its neutral color will pair well with any office desk.

34. Mid Century Swivel Office Chair – Metal Legs

The Swivel Office Chair features an ergonomic design to provide superior comfort while you’re working, plus the metal legs add a touch of elegance.

35. Mid Century Vanity Desk Set (52″)

The Vanity Desk Set is undoubtedly a statement product with a vast amount of space and embodying the signature designs of the ’50s and ’60s. It contains a large mirror and five drawers covering different sizes for all of your belongings.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the mid century modern design features furniture pieces that are versatile, timeless, aesthetically pleasing, and elegant, to fit into any room in any home.

Hopefully, our furniture guide has inspired you and will prove useful in your furniture shop.


Is mid century modern furniture going out of style?

The beauty of this style is that it is timeless, practical and evokes a sense of nostalgia and retro appeal. It shows no sign of slowing down just yet.

How do I know if my furniture is mid century modern?

The era’s design features sleek lines, soft curves, shapes, and an ergonomic design. Therefore, if your furniture fits these criteria, it is likely to be mid century modern.

Is mid century modern furniture solid wood?

Most mid century furniture is made from solid wood such as teak, oak, and rosewood.

Who makes the best mid century modern furniture?

As you can tell, we like West Elm for its variety and quality. You can also find great options at Article, Joybird, Hayneedle, and many more.