Best Mid Century Modern Desks For 2022

Coming onto the scene in its full capacity in the ’40s and remaining popular until the late ’60s, the mid-century modern style was all about smoothness, functionality, curves, and crisp lines.

One of the staples of the mid-century modern design era was the elegant and practical desks to highlight bedrooms, living rooms, and of course, a home office.

What is a Mid Century Modern Desk?

A mid-century modern desk embodies the design ethos of the era. These desks are popular for their slim but sturdy legs and the ability to be aesthetically pleasing without being clunky. The desk itself is angular but without harsh edges.

The chances are if you’re using a desk, you don’t want it to just look pretty, you want it to be ergonomic and encourage productivity. This is exactly what the mid-century modern desks strive for.

Here Are 14 Of The Best Mid Century Modern Desks For 2022

If you’re giving your home a mid-century modern makeover or are simply looking for a new desk in the style, you want to find a product that is sturdy and helps you focus.

So, here we are going to look at 15 of the best mid-century modern desks to kick off the new year.

1. Andersen Desk

The Andersen Desk has a sleek style and a defined rectangular appearance with thin dowel legs. What’s great about this writing desk is that it comes with three storage drawers so you can easily store your stationery and files without worrying about clutter.

The desk itself has plenty of space for you to use a computer or laptop without worrying about a lack of room.

The Andersen Desk is made from manufactured wood with acacia veneers for a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.

2. Aaron Desk

The Aaron Desk comes in a selection of colors including natural white, natural, and white, so you can find a product that blends seamlessly with your room. This crisp writing desk comes complete with slightly splayed legs and is incredibly functional.

There are two recessed drawers that make for the perfect storage space for files and stationery, plus there’s a central open cubby hole to store larger objects such as keyboards and laptops. This allows your desk to look clear, clean, and decorative when not in use.

The Aaron Desk is made from manufactured wood and can be a DIY project as it requires assembly.

3. Jourdan Desk by Wade Logan

The Jourdan Desk by Wade Logan is a clean solid wood desk that is available in a variety of neutral colors including brown, black, distressed white, and distressed gray to match with its surroundings. It features splayed thin legs and an angular desktop.

At the front, there are two generously sized storage drawers complete with elegant metal handles, that are perfect for storing your desk equipment when not in use.

The office desk is made from solid wood and plywood with laminated veneers for a shiny and smooth finish. It also requires a straightforward at-home assembly.

4. Annunciata Desk

The Annunciata Desk is a minimalistic and simple surface that takes up little room whilst still holding a stylish design. This is a sturdy desk as the legs are made from solid wood to improve its durability, stability, and resilience.

We’ve all walked into the side of a table or desk at some point, by luckily the Annunciata Desk comes equipped with curved corners, making it a fantastic option especially if you have little ones.

The mid-century desk can come in a range of colors including black, maple, walnut, and white maple, as well as two different sizes.

Furthermore, there are two drawers so you can maintain a tidy workspace.

5. Brock Desk

The Brock Desk comes with a clean-lined desktop and strong legs. It is particularly sturdy so it can comfortably support all of your office gear’s weight.

The office desk comes in three different colors including walnut, natural and white, so you can find the best shade for you. Plus enjoy one large soft close drawer to store your equipment when not in use.

The Brock style is made from manufactured wood and solid wood.

6. Plympton Desk

The Plympton Desk features a modern design and tapered legs for a stylish addition to your office space. It comes in two colors which are black and natural black.

The manufactured wood is topped off with a water-resistant laminate, just in case you spill your coffee! Plus, the wood is constructed at a solar-powered plant, so it is a more environmentally friendly option.

The Plympton Desk is completed with two spacious storage compartments where you can store your laptop and office supplies.

7. Steelside Lamarr Desk

The Steelside Lamarr Desk combines modern and vintage for a practical product made from engineered wood with a walnut finish.

The classic clean lines and angles embody the mid-century modern look which is topped off with the generously sized drawers and open compartments.

It is perfect for storing your belongings as well as for jazzing up with your favorite decor and ornaments. As a fantastic extra, there is cable management at the back to thread through to your USB ports.

8. Pascoe Desk

The Pascoe desk is a great option if you are looking for a sturdy study desk. The frame is made from metal to provide stability, plus it can reduce shaking if it is placed on an uneven surface, so you won’t get distracted by a wobbling desk when you’re trying to work.

It also has sufficient desktop space, but as a whole is quite compact so it can fit in even small rooms. Along with its excellent design features come curved desktop corners so that it is a child-friendly option.

You can also choose from brown and black, black, oak and white, and vintage brown as your color choice. Made from solid and manufactured wood, the Pascoe Desk is a fantastic option.

9. Oglethorpe Floating Desk

If you are looking for something jazzy or that gives a retro vibe, the Oglethorpe Floating Desk is a great option if you prefer modern styles.

This floating desk is a handy option if you don’t have enough space for a typical style with legs. Plus it has an easy assembly so you can move it from room to room.

The Oglethorpe Floating Desk also comes packed with storage so you can still easily store your laptop and other essentials. There’s a great color selection too including black, cinnamon, cinnamon and off-white, off-white, off-white and cinnamon, rustic brown, and white.

10. Chicago Solid Wood Desk

If you are after a more rustic style or with a real wood appearance, the Chicago Solid Wooden Desk is a fantastic option. It is angular, compact, and features slightly angled legs.

You can buy it in matte wax walnut, gray, or walnut for an authentic addition to your home office. There are two storage drawers with plenty of room to store your office essentials without looking bulky.

The Chicago Desk is made primarily from manufactured wood and requires assembly.

11. Fogg Desk

The Fogg Desk is a classic style piece if you are looking for a spacious work station. It comes in distressed gray, brown, black, and distressed white for a specific aesthetic depending on what you’re looking for.

The desks come complete with a finished back, and are made from environmentally preferred materials if you are after something more eco-friendly. It contains solid wood with a pine finish for a sleek design.

Plus there is generous storage space with a large cubby and a single drawer to store all the necessary tools you need.

12. Desk by Corrigan Studio®

If you are after wider writing desks, then this one by Corrigan Studio is a great option. The desk is still compact enough and has a minimalist design to suit any room.

The Corrigan Studio Desk comes with three drawers for optimal storage to keep your work space clean and tidy. It also comes in black and gray, and walnut and gray to suit different aesthetics.

It is made from manufactured wood for a crisp finish. Although you need to assemble it yourself, the assembly is quick and easy.

13. Achava Reversible Desk by Corrigan Studio®

If you are wanting something with a glass desktop, then the Achava Reversible Desk is a suitable option for timeless beauty.

This one blends contemporary styles with a classic design by the solid wood legs and the crisp and clear glass desktop. The legs contain handy adjustable feet so that the table can stand strong and stable on uneven surfaces. There are also foot mats to protect against scratches and damage.

Obviously, there is no additional storage here, but this means that the Achava Reversible Desk can be more versatile by being used as a table too.

14. Coby Leaning/Ladder Desk

if you’re looking for something to truly stand out, the Coby Leaning/Ladder Desk is one to take a look at. As the name suggests, it is positioned like a ladder against the wall to fit in smaller spaces.

The ladder includes shelves for easy and convenient storage for your office supplies and ornaments. There is also extra storage by the large cubby hole located under the desktop to store devices and laptops easily.

The Coby Desk comes in oak and black, white and espresso, and white and natural, so you can find the ideal combination for your room.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a mid-century modern desk is a distinctive piece of furniture for the design era, so it is an important component if you are transforming your space to fit the style. As you can tell, mid-century modern desks are usually compact with an ergonomic design to boost productivity.

Therefore, we hope that our suggestions have been helpful to you in your search for your perfect desk!


Are mid-century modern desks still a trendy design?

Mid-century modern furniture, in general, is still incredibly popular today. In fact, mid-century modern is a timeless design that shows no sign of going out of fashion. This is because the desks are incredibly versatile and are devoid of bulkiness which isn’t convenient for small spaces.

The clean lines, simple functional designs, and curved features make them a great addition to any home office.

Where can I buy a mid-century modern desk online?

There are various places you can browse mid-century modern desks online. As you can tell, we recommend Wayfair for its selection, sales, and reliability.

How to refinish mid-century modern desk?

If you’re able to find a vintage piece of mid-century modern furniture, the chances are it needs some restoration.

To breathe new life into your desk, you generally should follow these steps:
– Clean the surface and use 220 grit sandpaper to remove any old polish so it is ready to have a new coat applied. Do not sand if you believe the product contains lead.
– If there are any holes or chips, fill them with a stainable wood filler.
– Wipe off any dust.
– In a well-ventilated space, apply wood stain to the whole surface for a renewed look. Do not leave the cloths out in the sun.
– With a fresh cloth, wipe away any excess wood stain.
– Wait a couple of days for the stain to dry and apply an even layer of wood polish with a gentle cloth.
– After approximately 20 minutes, remove excess polish with a cloth.
– Admire your work!

What wood is used in mid-century modern desks?

While different types of woods can be used, teak is the most common as it is durable and of high quality. It was also associated with the mid-century modern era. Oak is often also used as it is also durable and strong.