Best Mid-Century Modern Chairs For 2022

Thinking of redecorating your home in the new year? It can be hard to know where to begin to look for inspiration.

Your home is your sanctuary and it is only natural to seek out pieces that are perfect for you. Finding a chair that fits both your style and your budget can be tricky! However, there are plenty of options out there for you.

15 Of The Best Mid-Century Modern Chairs for 2022

To help you work out what design will fit best in your home, we have put together a list of the best mid-century modern chairs for 2022. This will hopefully give you an idea of where to begin looking for your dream chair!

1. Fortunato 20.08” Wide Side Chair

The Fortunato is a gorgeous addition to any mid-century modern home. Understated and clean, the Fortunato is available in three colors – Polished Obsidian, Desert Sandstone, and Green.

The faux leather chair is a pretty shallow seat and sits at 18 inches tall. It has a sturdy metal frame and the legs have a wood-effect finish on them which adds a warm and inviting touch.

The Fortunato is one of the most affordable mid-century modern style chairs on the market at the moment. There is a slight variation in price depending on what color you decide on, however, they all come in at less than $120.

2. Stef 30.25” Wide Lounge Chair

This low-back lounge chair makes an excellent accent chair. Available in both taupe and mustard, this winged chair is perfect for furnishing cozy spaces. The chair is equipped with triangular, medium brown solid wood legs. Standing at 30.5 inches tall, this lounge chair would make an excellent statement piece in any room.

The chair comes with a removable lumbar cushion, which makes it just as comfortable as it is stylish.

3. Bearce 24” Wide Lounge Chair

The Bearce is a wonderfully comfortable chair to kick back and relax in. The seat is relatively low at just 14.25 inches and the cushioning is extremely plush and luxurious. The design is smooth and uncomplicated – the clean, curved lines make this chair the perfect mid-century piece.

The light gray fabric combined with the deep brown legs add to the versatility of this chair – it will go excellently with many color palettes without the risk of clashing with other furniture.

4. Arno Rocking Chair

The Arno Rocking Chair is an excellent piece of mid-century furniture that would fit in particularly well in a nursery. It is available in blue, light grey, and oatmeal. These neutral tones make the rocking chair a particularly versatile piece that will suit many color schemes. The chair is both practical and comfortable, with a stylish design to boot.

Despite the Arno Rocking Chair being a little pricier than a lot of other chairs on our list, we believe it is worth the price due to its superb quality and durability.

5. Renwick Side Chair (Set of 2)

The Renwick Side Chair two-piece set provides buyers with a wonderful and affordable set of accent chairs that would look particularly striking in a dining room.

The chairs are super customizable – you can pick different colors for the legs, frame, and upholstery to suit your style. The faux leather seats are well-padded and extremely comfortable.

6. Elle 32” Wide Swivel Armchair

The Elle is a perfect piece for a cozy reading nook. This chic accent chair takes on a mid-century modern design due to its straight sleek lines. The swivel chair is extremely elegant as well as being super comfortable.

While it is on the pricey end, we believe this chair is worth every penny. Its neutral cream upholstery allows it to fit in well with most rooms regardless of the color palette.

7. Liam 32” Wide Barrel Chair

The Liam Wide Barrel Chair is a super functional and comfortable chair that comes at a modest price. It is upholstered with microsuede which is polyester that has been manufactured to have a suede-like finish.

It is available in seven colors – black, pink, coffee, mocha, pewter, red, and chocolate brown – so you are almost guaranteed to find a version of this chair that will suit your home.

The modern design of the chair is complemented by the round tapered black legs that create a statement look.

8. Newnan 26.5” Wide Lounge Chair

The Newnan is an excellent choice of chair if you are looking for a striking addition to your home. The dark, solid wood frame, which features flared arms, looks particularly attractive against the clean lines of the firm cushions.

This mid-century chair is well-made and sturdy, making it the perfect eye-catching piece for any living space. It is available in shades azure, charcoal, sea, linen, and brown.

9. Mccaleb 29.5” Wide Armchair

If you are looking for an accent chair with a deep seat, the Mccaleb is the one for you. It is firm and sturdy, making it the perfect addition for a study or office space.

The Mccaleb is available in bluish-gray, light gray, gray, and white. It is also available in either a polyester or vegan faux-leather finish depending on your preference.

The cushions are offset by a solid birch wood frame that features straight arms and flared back legs. It is a stunning mid-century chair.

10. Almar Side Chair

The Almar Side Chair is the perfect dining chair for any mid-century modern design space. The stylish chair is available in three variations – fabric gray, fabric brown, and faux leather black.

Every version of this chair is complemented with elegant walnut accents across the back of the chair and its metal tapered legs, making it a truly eye-catching piece.

The chair is spacious and well-padded, allowing you to sit in this chair for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

11. 28.25” Wide Tufted Wingback Chair

Vibrancy is the first thing that comes to mind upon first glance at this chair. Available in purple, light green, and teal velvet, this colorful number will add a touch of drama to any room that it graces. The button-tufted velvet and the black oak legs make for a particularly eye-catching accent chair.

This luxurious armchair is well-cushioned and supportive which makes it the perfect sumptuous spot to curl up with a good book and relax in.

12. Schuyler 25” Wide Armchair

The Schuyler is a compact and modern style chair that can be adapted to pretty much any room of the house. Particularly ideal for small spaces due to its size, the Schuyler boasts a stylish bucket seat with tapered legs, all made of solid wood.

The wood is available in walnut or brushed black. The fabric for the chair is available in charcoal, green, blue, and gray, all of which contrast beautifully with the wooden frame.

The chair stands at 31 inches tall and is very supportive and comfortable, making it an excellent dining room chair.

13. Basel 27” Wide Tufted Lounge Chair and Ottoman

If you are looking for something to freshen up your home, the Basel set is a super fun and colorful addition to a mid-century modern space.

Available in blue, dark gray, green, orange, purple, and yellow, this chair and ottoman set adds a bit of frivolity to any room. Bold yet elegant, the 100% polyester blend makes for a super soft seat to rest in.

The set comes complete with an ottoman, too, which means you can really put your feet up and chill in style.

14. Coomer 26.75” Wide Barrel Chair

The Coomer is a super customizable chair that comes in plenty of color variations, ensuring that you’ll find something that suits you.

You have the option to pick a black metal frame with either a yellowish-brown cushion, cream cushion, or dark brown cushion, or a gold metal frame with either a dark brown cushion or a yellowish-brown cushion.

The round silhouette perched atop the cross metal frame makes for a very visually striking piece. It is made of 100% PU leather that has been distressed to create a rustic look. It looks right at home in any room of the house due to its versatility.

15. Amba 21” Wide Side Chair (Set of 2)

This Amba set of two chairs is worthwhile investing in if you love to host. These chairs are perfect for parties, as they are both functional and sturdy but still easy to move around from room to room if need be. The base is available in both white and red and the slanted legs are made of beechwood.

When these chairs aren’t being used to accommodate guests, they would look great in a large hallway, adorned with prints from Ink & Drop or in the kitchen. On top of all this, they are super affordable and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet!

Mid-century modern design chairs can all look totally different depending on their shape and style. However, you will find the same clean lines and silhouettes in all of them. Your design options are endless – regardless of your preference, you are sure to find something that suits you and your home perfectly.

Hopefully, this list has helped you on your way to finding the perfect chair to spruce up your space in the new year!


How do I choose the perfect mid-century modern chair?

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing the perfect chair for your home. These include what kind of room you are shopping for, what will suit your color palette, the height and depth of the chair, and the material of the chair.

Knowing what room you are shopping for will make a huge difference to what kind of chair you buy. If you are looking for dining room chairs, you want something that is comfortable and supportive enough to sit in for long periods of time.

However, if you are looking for a statement chair for a bedroom or living space, something with an eye-catching design may be a priority over comfort.

You also need to think about your color palette. You don’t want to purchase a chair only for it to clash horribly with the room that it’s intended for. Fortunately, many of the chairs on our list are available in a variety of colors so you can hopefully find a style that you love in a color that is perfect for you.

Another thing to take into account is what kind of depth and height you are looking for. Be sure to check out the specifications of a chair before making a purchase. While something may look lovely, it might not turn out to be as functional as you were hoping for if the seat isn’t what you were looking for.

Finally, think about what kind of material you would like your chair to be. Do you prefer the rustic look of distressed leather? Do you want the dramatic look that comes with a velvet finish? Or is classic polyester the one for you?

Thankfully, due to the vast number of mid-century modern chairs there are available to shop from, you are sure to find a style and finish that is exactly to your liking!

Where can I buy a replacement swivel base for a mid-century modern slipper chair online?

Replacement swivel bases for slipper chairs are pretty readily available online. Popular retailers such as Amazon and Etsy carry swivel bases. You can also check out more specialized online furniture shops, too.

What is the most iconic mid-century modern model of armchair?

The lounge chair and ottoman set is arguably the most iconic mid-century modern model of an armchair. Created by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, it is generally regarded as the best-designed armchair of all time.

Interestingly, the husband and wife duo found inspiration for the chair in baseball mitts! You can see its influence in the supportive, cushioned frame of the chair.